Organic Kaadha 100g Orco

Organic Kaadha 100g Orco

Spices by ORCO
Rs. 199.00

Our ORCO Kadha brings you the essential ingredients required to give your immune system a kickstart.

Other than being a super drink this Kadha will remind you of the very famous Kashmir Kahwa. It includes Organic dry ginger, Organic cinnamon, Organic cardamom, Organic Black pepper, Organic Mulethi, Organic Basil Leaves, and Natural Giloy (only 5%) just as much required.

Once tasted it leaves a sweet after-taste for your taste buds to enjoy. You don’t have to just drink it for the sake of your health but also enjoy it for its taste. This beautiful organic beverage is specially curated by our in house chefs.

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