Natural Artisan Paan Gulkand 250GM Praakritik

Natural Artisan Paan Gulkand 250GM Praakritik

Rs. 350.00

Our Indian Damask pink rose comes from the foothills of Pushkar, Rajasthan. We use autumn bloomed rose petals which bloom twice a year.

This Gulkand is made from fresh rose petals and mishri (unrefined form of sugar) which has its own medicinal values. All the ingredients are combined and cooked in the sun taking 50-60 days to make this Artisanal Gulkand with maximum nutritional benefits.

What are its Health Benefits
  • Improves memory and eyesight
  • Helps in the process of digestion
  • Relieves lethargy, itching, inflammation and redness
  • Removes toxins and purifies the blood
  • Aids in relieving constipation, acidity, gastritis and indigestion

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