Daily Hair Nourishment Combo by SATLIVA.
Daily Hair Nourishment Combo by SATLIVA.
Daily Hair Nourishment Combo by SATLIVA.
Daily Hair Nourishment Combo by SATLIVA.
Daily Hair Nourishment Combo by SATLIVA.
Daily Hair Nourishment Combo by SATLIVA.

Daily Hair Nourishment Combo by Satliva

Beauty combo by Satliva
Rs. 2,350.00

Pamper your hair with 100% natural Daily Nourishment Hair Combo for a healthy and shiny mane. This combo includes Hemp With Avocado Hair oil, Hemp With Argan And Activated Charcoal Shampoo Bar, Argan Peppermint Hair cream and Orange Lip Balm. Its rich fatty acid content deeply nourishes the hair and restores its shine and luster. It deeply cleanses your scalp, removes impurities and removes excess oil and sebum.

It strengthens hair follicles and removes knots. It reduces scalp inflammation, restores hair elasticity and promotes new hair growth. It prevents damage from UV rays and air pollutants. It minimizes split-ends, moisturizes the scalp, controls dandruff, prevents hair loss and boosts hair growth. The Orange Lip Balm hydrates the lips and keeps the moisture locked in. It nourishes and restores dry, chapped, cracked and peeling lips.


This combo has the super ability to deeply nourish your hair, restoring its shine and luster. Each product in this combo works to nourish and strengthen the hair from roots to tips, restoring moisture in dry, damaged hair, making your hair healthy and nourished.


For maximum benefits and freshness, all our natural and organic products should be kept in a cool, dry place and used within 4 months of purchase


The Daily Hair Nourishment Combo takes care of the daily dose of nourishment for your hair. It cleanses the scalp by removing all dirt and impurities, soothes the scalp and improves blood circulation, making the hair softer, stronger, thicker and healthier.


Hemp with Avocado Hair Oil:

Take a small amount of hair oil and rub in your palms to warm it. Spread evenly across the hair and massage your scalp in circular motions. Leave it overnight and wash it off the next morning or as per your convenience.

Hemp with Argan and Activated Charcoal Shampoo Bar:

Rub the shampoo bar on wet hands to create lather. Rub and spread the lather in your hair and scalp. Massage on scalp gently and cleanse. Rinse off and pat dry with a soft towel.

Argan Peppermint Hair Cream:

Scoop a small amount of hair cream and spread on your palms. Massage into hair and roots before your shower.

Orange Lip Balm:

Scoop a small amount of lip balm on your finger and dot it on your lips. Spread the balm across your lips in a thin layer. Rub your lips together to spread the balm evenly.


Owing to its natural composition and gentle nature, you can use the shampoo bar every day and massage your hair with the hair oil at least twice a week. You can use the hair cream to moisturize and style your hair after a shower every day. Use the lip balm throughout the day, whenever your lips go dry.


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