Organic All Spice Mix Combo 16x100g Orco

Organic All Spice Mix Combo 16x100g Orco

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Relive the authentic flavors of your favorite organic hand-ground masala mixes that aims to get the true taste and all the subtle flavors that go with it. We try to bring you the real flavor ranging from all the sides of India whether be it North to South or East to West. ORCO connects with everyone from HouseWife to Home Maker Women.

That being said ORCO’s Organic Masala Mixes, bring in the Organic mix to the table in its healthiest blend.

What's Inside-

16 x 100g Pack of Each Spice.

  1. Organic Turmeric Powder,
  2. Organic Cumin(Jeera) Whole,
  3. Organic Cumin(Jeera) Powder,
  4. Organic Coriander(Dhaniya) Powder,
  5. Organic Red Chili(Lal Mirch) Powder,
  6. Organic Ajwain,
  7. Organic Methi Seeds,
  8. Organic Aamchoor(Dry Mango),
  9. Organic Brown Mustard Seeds,
  10. Organic Yellow Mustard Seeds,
  11. Organic Black Salt(Kala Namak),
  12. Organic Pink Salt,
  13. Organic Garam Masala,
  14. Organic Chai Masala,
  15. Organic Golden Milk Masala,
  16. Organic Kitchen King Masala.

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