Wishing a Glowing Youthful Skin? It is Very Much Possible with a Little Bit of Care

We often hear beauty comes from within. Your beauty is reflected in your skin and appearance. Beauty cannot be superficial. If you are healthy, your skin will also look bright and young. The hectic lifestyles, stress, and poor diets are the main culprits behind dull and damaged skin. We wish blowing skin. It takes some level of attention to our lifestyle, habits, and diet.

What causes your skin to look dull and best solutions?

Several causes are behind the dull look of the skin. If you can solve the issues, you will be a proud owner of glowing youthful skin. Here pay your attention:

Cause 1: Dead skin cells

It’s happening all over your skin but you don’t realize it. Sometimes, an ashy tint on the face or other parts of the body gives alarm that you are shedding more cells than forming. Every day, millions of skin cells die and millions grow. If the growth rate slows, then your skin will look dull. At the same time, if dead cells don’t fall apart naturally skin will look dull.

Solution: Have sufficient water, fruits, and vegetables every day. Dry skin is a cause of a dull look and sticky dead skin. Use a good quality scrubber twice weekly to rub off the dead skin and give place to new layers. Also, use a good quality sunscreen cream or lotion and night skin for extra nourishment. Better if you can use organic variants.

Cause 2: Lifestyle and stress

We are always busy sometimes for no reason at all. Again, when we need to sleep we spend hours swapping the smartphone. Our lifestyles are causing stress and stress weakens our immune system causing various lifestyle diseases. It has profuse effects on the skin. People who are smiling a lot, making friends, sleeping well, and stress less than others enjoy glowing skin.

Solution: Develop good habits. Have at least 6-7 hours of sleep and if possible a nap in the afternoon. Don’t stress too much over every matter. Don’t smoke or drink. Keep watch on yourself.

Foods good for the skin

Anything wholesome full of vitamins and minerals and fresh is good for your skin. At the same time, your body needs lots of fibers as well.

  • Eat green veggies, seasonal fruits, and pulses.
  • Eat 4-5 litres of water every day
  • Eat dry fruits cashew nuts, apricots, raisins, and almonds
  • Eat lemon and curd daily
  • Take supplements if necessary but buy them only from an authentic seller

Mind that antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids are a must for quick replenishment of dead skins and an improved immune system. If you are wishing glowing skin, you have to take care of your diet.

Tips for glowing skin – homemade solutions

  • Use turmeric paste prepared with water and milk on the skin or any part of your body looking dull.
  • Massage your face and neck area with good-quality honey.
  • Apply a few drops of olive oil on your face every night.
  • Buy an olive body oil and use it all over your body before bathing
  • Put a peeled cucumber in the mixer grinder and then use it on the skin especially on the face.

A healthy lifestyle, healthy diet, homemade skincare solutions, less stress, sufficient sleep, and some good quality skincare products are key to glowing skin.