Skin Allergies: Protect your skin from unwanted issues

As we knew that rainy season is ridden by wetness as well as excessive humidity. Consequently, skin infections and the proliferation of allergens increase. The rainy season causes diseases like eczema & acne, skin allergies, facial folliculitis, and hyperpigmentation. You should know about these diseases and find remedies. It should also be kept in mind that allergies and skin issues can erupt at any time. You must be protective all through the year but be extra cautious during rainy days.

Different skin allergies and diseases that may irritate you anytime

Eczema & Acne: This type of disease is common for both genders and don't worry the allergy is not life-threatening but it can become very serious if left for a long time. Acne & eczema are two distinct skin conditions. Eczema causes a discolored/red, bumpy rash which looks like pimples. Acne, on the other hand, causes a pimple to erupt.

Hyperpigmentation: This disease is another skin-related disease caused due to humidity and it is characterized by dark and dull patches that occur on the surface of the skin especially on the face skin. Hyperpigmentation is caused due to direct exposure of the skin to the sun.

Skin Allergies: Monsoon is famous to cause skin allergies and it occurs mainly in metropolitan areas where the pollution levels are very high. Moreover, these allergic symptoms usually appear on the upper back, feet, hands as well as other exposed body areas. According to health experts, skin allergies are caused due to direct contact with dust mites, ragweed, or pet dandler.

Facial Folliculitis: This disease causes inflammation of hair follicles that leads to the reduction of strong hair growth. Sometimes facial folliculitis leads to hair damage which takes place during the monsoon season. Moreover, this type of monsoon disease is caused by bacterial & fungal infection.


The remedies are given according to the above-mentioned diseases:

  • For acne & eczema, the best solution for you to visit a dermatologist and receive proper care and medical attention. You should have an acne diet and eat green vegetables, blueberries, turkey, brown rice, and orange fruits.
  • For skin allergies, health experts believe that antihistamines help a person to reduce and block histamines. Antihistamines are famous for preventing rain-aided allergy diseases.
  • For hyperpigmentation, properly prescribed medications from doctors and laser therapies are useful to treat the symptoms of hyperpigmentation. To reduce hyperpigmentation, the person should eat avocado, grapes, carrots, bell peppers, and broccoli.
  • For facial folliculitis, a person can control this inflammation by preventing excessive sweating. The prevention process can be accomplished by taking a regular bath as well as keeping the skin hydrated at times.

If you are fighting with allergies every year during the rain then take proper steps and medical attention and avoid these diseases. Foods Like organic dried pineapple slices and dried Turkish apricots are useful to keep skin healthy.