Eat Right Stay Bright: Select the Right Food for Healthy Leaving

Are you puzzled, why instead of eating healthy, no spicy or oily food still having digestive issues? No doubt, food habit has a huge impact on your body and mind but what you are eating might not be right always. Again, many people believe that eating low-calorie food can keep them in shape. So, they start buying packaged cereals and staples from the supermarket. After some months, instead of curbing body weight, they find some extra fat in the waist!

It’s confusing. Some give up while some try to find the reason. Visiting doctors won’t help except increasing medical bills. Too few understand the issue. The problem openly roams around but no one mark.

Select the Right Food for Healthy

Commercial crops and processed foods have ingrained issues

What will happen if you keep a white cloth in a bucket of blue water? The whole cloth will turn blue as if there were no white cloth. A similar thing happens when synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, and other medicines are used for the quick growth of crops and livestock. For example, at the time poultry chicken comes to a kitchen, it already contains dozens of highly toxic compounds such as pesticides, phthalates, mycotoxins, veterinary drugs, antibiotics, and synthetic hormones. Though not of high quality, when you are eating chicken regularly, you are swallowing these poisonous compounds too.

What can you do? You think that you are eating healthy like an oil-free chicken stew but the problem lies within the foodstuff that you may not know.

Take the example of rice. It is one of the primary staples of Indians but heavily contaminated with scores of poisonous compounds of Lead, Nickle, Cadmium, and some other elements. Rice also stored high quantities of arsenic. All these elements are too bad for the human body.

It may sound weird that nothing we eat is free from poison:

  • Pesticides are present in staples including rice and flour
  • Dozens of chemicals are present in livestock that we eat in the form of chicken or other types of meats.
  • Packaged foods or ready made items not only contain higher quantities of pesticides but several types of preservatives as well.

Most of these chemicals are approved for use in farming but the government has a clear directive on how much those could be used. The question arises, are government directives followed?

Right Food for Healthy

It’s tough to get rid of contaminated food

The majority of agricultural chemicals are synthetic pesticides that include herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. These impair the organs and nervous systems severely. There are both acute health effects and chronic effects of chemicals used in crops and livestock. Acute effects such as respiratory problems, temporary blindness, rashes and blisters, dizziness, nausea, and indigestion go away within a few days with some medications. Chronic effects such as cancer, cystic growth in different parts of the body, birth defects, problems in the central nervous systems, and problems in endocrine systems can be life-threatening. It’s tough to avoid contaminated food because they are part and parcel of our culture and lifestyle.

The only way out to eat healthily and stay fit is natural foods or what we call organic foods. Crops and livestock developed organically are not contaminated with pesticides or any other poisonous compounds. Moreover, these foods are rich in essential nutrients that can develop a strong immunity. The stronger the immunity, the better is your natural guard against diseases.