Natural Remedies & Foods to Prevent Hair Loss

People turn to a lot of things on a daily basis to prevent hair loss. However, the ultimate answer to this is finding the reason behind the loss of hair. Some reasons for hair fall may dissolve on their own after a certain period. Also, it is pivotal to remember, that shedding hair is quite normal and common to every person.

Now, if the problem exists and occurs in a continuous manner, you may need to think seriously. Applying organic hair oil can be the best remedy to control hair fall. Most healthcare providers prescribe organic hair oil to treat scalp infections, androgenic alopecia, and other conditions. Bhringraj Hair Oil, Rustic Art Organic Deep Conditioning Hair Oil, Cannmelon Hair Cream are some of the exceptional remedies that bring peace to your hair fall story.

Things to keep in mind to prevent hair loss

Diet enriched in protein and vitamins

Studies show that a diet containing fresh herbs and raw veggies reduces the risks of immense hair fall. Green salad, parsley, and basil are some that can be included in the diet. Hair follicles are made of protein, therefore, nutritional deficiencies can be another cause of hair fall. Consume a protein-rich diet containing beans, fish, eggs dairy products, and others.


Vitamin intake in the form of supplements can be a good idea to fight hair fall. Zinc, iron, selenium, and Vitamin A, B, C, D are important for the retention process and cell turnover. Multivitamins are a good addition to your daily diet. You can ask your doctor to prescribe multivitamin supplements to control the situation of hair loss.

Proper hair care

It is crucial to take proper hair care on a daily basis. Use a mild shampoo (not a harsher one) to ensure a clean and healthy scalp. Harsher shampoo may lead to drying of the scalp and can break the strands. Coconut oil is also a great remedy to prevent hair damage. It helps to cure your hair against ultraviolet exposure.

Avoid brushing wet hair

If your hair is wet, consider preventing brushing as the strands are at their weakest state. As the bases are wet, there are high chances of uprooting the hair strands. However, you must use a wide-toothed comb to separate the strands as much as possible.

Take proper care of your hair, use organic products, and maintain a healthy diet to win the war against hair fall and other scalp issues. These days, you have the opportunity to buy top-quality organic products online. Don’t need to move outside the home. Order Papaya lime hair cleansing bar , BhrigarajHirl oil with coconut and sesame, organic hair oil for hair fall control, and dozens of other hair care products sitting at the comfort of your couch.