Manage Your Anxiety for a Healthy Lifestyle

Mental health indicates our psychological condition and well-being. Within this umbrella, an individual’s entire psyche or state of mind is well covered. It indicates how a person feels, thinks, the way they act, or handles stress, interacts with others around, and also makes healthy choices in life. Sound mental health is always important at every stage of life – childhood, adolescence, adulthood, old age, etc.  Sound mental health is really important for your overall well-being. Chronic mental ailments like depression can lead to several physical problems like Type 2 diabetes, stroke, cardiac problem, etc.

Anxiety – a brief overview

Anxiety is common before important events and incidents like exams, job interviews, medical test outcomes, public performance, etc. However, when this anxiety or stress becomes a regular affair where a person is anxious or worried constantly for no reason, is when it is termed as a disorder. Such a state of mind can affect your overall well-being, ability to carry out day-to-day work, etc. such anxiety disorders are hard to tell, as most people experience anxiety at some point in time, due to different reasons. However symptoms like constant heavy breathing, increase heart rate, muscle tension, chest tightening, restlessness, obsessive behavior over needless things, can be potential signals of anxiety disorder. Some of the common reasons behind these occurrences are a family history of OCD, stressful events like loss of loved ones, troubled relations, workplace problems, etc. Certain health issues like cardiac problems, blood sugar, and asthma can cause anxiety. People making substance abuse can experience stress and anxiety disorders.

Types of anxiety

Anxiety can affect people insert drill different ways. Some common forms of anxiety disorders are as follows:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder or GAD: People who are suffering from generalized anxiety disorder seem to experience an immense amount of worry for different situations. They experience problems in controlling their worry and are also restless all the time. These types of people are not worried about anything in particular but experience a state of anxiety round the clock.
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD: The people experience relentless which triggers a state of anxiety in their way to overcome anxiety by doing some edited action for example a person who is scared of germs will constantly keep washing their hands and vessels of the house round the clock.
  • Social phobia or social anxiety disorder: People who experience this kind of disorder are extremely apprehensive of situations where they might be subject to brutality from others. They are extremely scared of public embarrassment or humiliation. Such people are hidden in the public.
  • Specific phobias: Phobias generally indicate great fear among people regarding any particular item or incident. Some common phobias are traveling through planes, being in a crowded place, spiders, lizards, and  high rise building
  • Panic disorder: People who are suffering from this condition often get a panic attack when the situation becomes rather uncontrollable. The common symptoms are shortness of breath and dizziness.

Tips and practices to relieve anxiety and stress

Treatment for anxiety and stress requires professional medical intervention sometimes. It also requires a supportive group of people around you. To overcome the situation a balance of medication, counseling, supportive peer, improved lifestyle, and a good organic diet is required.

Try this when you are feeling very stressed or anxious or passing through such time for some time:

  • Meditate every day 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening.
  • Get enough sleep especially at night – at least 6-7 hours of sleep is needed.
  • Take a deep breath consciously when you are feeling anxious.
  • Eat healthy always – even you love snacking on sweets, take healthy verities.
  • Don’t take too much stress when something goes wrong – accept the situation and move on.