Include Sweet Potato to Your Daily Diet: Its Amazing Health Benefits are still Hidden Treasure

Sweet potatoes are recognized as one of the best staple foods in some parts of the world. They offer numerous health benefits including improving sensitivity to insulin in diabetes. The delicious root vegetable is creamy and soft and thus, used in several pie recipes. Sweet potatoes are also used as a dessert ingredient. In India, sweet potato is a familiar vegetable. Indians make several types of dishes with sweet potatoes. However, its health benefits need more exposure.

Nutritional facts

Sweet potatoes are rich in essential nutrients and overflown with flavour. This vegetable is known for having dietary fiber, carbohydrates, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, B6, potassium, iron, copper, magnesium, and also high in beta carotene that is converted to Vitamin A inside the body at the time of digestion.

Sweet Potato to Your Daily Diet

Recommended intake

Along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating a nutritious and balanced diet filled with organic sweet potato can be the best choice. A serving of 80 grams of sweet potatoes covers 16% of our daily manganese requirement and therefore, it can be included in a 5-meal-a-day routine diet.

The importance of sweet potato in our daily diet

Including sweet potatoes in our daily diet allows maintaining a healthy blood pressure level and improves digestion and regularity. The lesser-known facts about sweet potatoes are as follows –

  • Consuming sweet potatoes reduces the risk of cancer remarkably.
  • Being an authentic source of Vitamin A, sweet potatoes improve visionary health.
  • The low glycaemic index of sweet potatoes makes it a good food for diabetes as well.
  • Having a high percentage of magnesium in the sweet potato helps people handle their stress more efficiently.

Eating a diet without sweet potatoes regularly will actually keep you barred from the nutritional benefits they offer. It is not that these benefits cannot be achieved from other food sources, but it is certainly an act of mindless person if you stay away from a complete blend of tastefulness and health benefits.

Chemicals used while cultivating sweet potatoes

Commercially cultivated sweet potatoes may not provide the aforementioned health benefits as they are carrying traces of harmful chemicals and fertilizer extracts. In typical sweet potato cultivation, ash, compost, husk, and manure are used to increase the production level. Sometimes due to inappropriate and unfavorable growing conditions, high-yield chemicals are applied to suit the market demands.

Get-on with organic sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes which are organically grown allow you to eat the entire tuber along with the flesh and skin. This will promote maximum health benefits (as most of them are present on the skin). Organic sweet potatoes offer added textures and this is good when cooking your favourite platters.

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