Foods that are Great for Natural Weight Loss

How to lose weight naturally? What food helps in natural weight loss? What are some great tips for weight loss? These types of queries keep a section of fitness freaks and people adding weight engulfed and sometimes very much concerned.

According to experts in this discipline, fad diets and strict exercise regimens are effective but not always result-oriented. They set many examples, especially popular figures who have practically ruined their lives dieting and fasting.

When the target is losing weight and staying fit, it’s better to follow a natural way, i.e., eating normally but consciously that can help in shredding targeted body weight and following some proven tips.

In your effort to weight loss proper knowledge is imperative  

You might have set a target for weight loss. However, before you adopt any regimen for food or exercise, gain knowledge on certain aspects of it –

  • You must have complete knowledge of how much calories you need to lead a normal life.
  • Vegetables, fruits, and animal food have different levels of calories and nutritional values.
  • Knowledge of low-calorie food and how much (in terms of weight) different food items you can take.
  • The pros and cons of food items and if the organic or natural food items are better or commercial food items.
  • Which food you should avoid completely and which you can take in high quantities.

Food and Calorie are two sides of the same coin

A maximum of 40 calories per RACC (Reference Amounts Customarily Consumed) is considered low-calorie food. An average woman on a weight loss diet cannot take more than 1500 calories while an average man cannot take more than 2000 calories.

One of the obvious challenges in weight loss is cutting back on calories. You must choose foods that are low-calorie yet don’t let you feel empty. Such low-calorie but highly nutritious foods are as follows: oat, cornflakes, vegetable soups, dry fruits, mushrooms, millets, greek yogurt, lentils, green tea, brown bread, all types of fruits, and green vegetables.

Foods that you cannot take during your weight loss regime includes all kinds of fast foods or junk foods, street foods, fries, sugary drinks, sweetened yogurt, candy bars, ice creams, alcohol, baked foods, packaged fruit juices, packaged drinks, crackers and chips, white rice, white bread, meat, and alcohol. Remember, any food items processed or sweetened artificially is not for you.

Exclusive tips for weight loss

Follow the tips given below, these are proven and highly effective –

  • Eat low-calorie food – Most simple mantra is don’t eat fast foods and sweetened foods.
  • Eat in small quantities – Eat to feel satisfied and not hungry. The ideal eating habit is to keep your stomach 20% empty.
  • Eat plenty of liquids – Water, fruit juices, and green tree are your weight loss partners.
  • An empty stomach is a big no – Foods you eat when feeling too hungry do more harm than good. So, never stay hungry for a long time.
  • Workout daily – Do some yoga, pranayam, and free-hand exercises daily. Take expert assistance in this matter to learn the processes properly.
  • Sleep well – At least 7-hours of sleep at night and a 30-minute nap at noon keeps you stress-free and healthy.

When you are trying to lose weight, it’s important to choose the right low-calorie food. You must avoid calorie-dense items, especially items that are artificially sweetened, commercially processed, and packaged for longer shelf lives. Using organic and natural foods is also beneficial for weight loss.