Comprehensive Detoxification of the Body is the Need of the Hour

A healthy body and mind, a lean and supple body, bright and young skin – everyone desires to look good and feel young from within. Getting a healthy body and mind is not a tough job. All you need is systematic workouts, a healthy diet, and comprehensive detoxification. While the first two are quite achievable with expert guidance or yourself, in the latter case, you need to understand several factors including your lifestyle and eating habit. These days, detoxification is a buzzword and sometimes used for the wrong reasons. However, to recognize its real essence and how it can be inducted into our daily routine need in-depth knowledge.

Detoxification of the Body

What does detoxification mean?

In simple terms, detoxification is the process of draining out hundreds of different toxic compounds from our bodies. Naturally, toxic products are formed in the body from the products we use for eating or personal care. Again, the human body is naturally programmed to expel toxic products from the body. The liver, kidney, and lungs doing this persistently right from birth till we die.

So, you may ask, if it’s happening naturally, what’s the use or necessity of additional detoxification?

Hundreds of chemicals are entering our bodies with the food we eat, especially the processed food items. Pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics, and synthetic hormones used to hasten the growth of crops and livestock are entering our bodies when we eat these products. Moreover, the polluted air we breathe or polluted water we drink silently poisoning the body. These are apart from natural of some toxic elements that the body is used to. It makes additional detoxification important. We need to do something extra to empower our bodily systems to drain out these chemicals.

tips for comprehensive detoxification

Best ways to detox the body – tips for comprehensive detoxification

There are hundreds of different ways to follow for detoxification. Here are the most effective habits you can develop for the same:

  • Lemon juice with lukewarm water in the morning – Take half lemon and squeeze the juice in one glass of lukewarm water. Drink it in the morning every day. It’s one of the most effective ways of detoxifying your body.

  • Habituate green tea – It might be tough initially but possible – instead of drinking black coffee or tea habituate green tea.

  • Drink sufficient water – Water keeps the body hydrated and helps the system flush the toxic ingredients from the body. Drink at least 2-3 litres of water every day. However, in certain health conditions, you might need medical advice regarding the daily intake of water.

  • Green vegetables and fruits – Sufficient green vegetables and fruits. But, be cautious while cooking. Commercial crops including fruits are full of hazardous chemicals. Better, if you can habituate organic products.

  • Sufficient sleep – Detoxification best happens during sleep. This is the time our immunity system works fast and pumps out harmful compounds from cells. This is the time when the central nervous system also sends undisrupted signals to the other organs. At least 6-7 hours sound sleep is essential for the body.
  • Yoga and pranayama – Certain yogic postures and pranayama work wonder for the body and mind. These help in comprehensive detoxification. However, you should practice these regularly and learn from an expert.

Toxic chemicals from free radicals move all over the body through connective tissues including blood and lymph. As the density of free radicals increase, the vital organs become weak. Detoxification helps to flush these poisons regularly. Your body and mind then function normally. You also experience fewer health issues.