Organic Food in India to Stay Fit and Fine

Conventional food and staples or daily usable products like personal care products and baby care products are part and parcel of our daily life. It is also true that millions of people in this country are either trying or slowly shifting to organic products including staples and poultry products. In conventional farming, different kinds of artificial fertilizers and pesticides are used for the quick and healthy growth of agricultural produce. In animal rearing also, synthetic hormones and antibiotics are used for uninterrupted growth of the animals. Naturally, traces of these fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics enter our body through these food items causing various health issues. If you start eating organic food like organic Ancient Wisdom products, you are safe. Organic products are free of toxins since these products are cultivated or reared naturally.

organic Ancient Wisdom products

Synthetic fertilizers and pesticides damage the human body

In mass production, the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are inevitable. In animal rearing also, the use of synthetic hormones and antibiotics are inevitable. A problem arises when these chemicals are used unchecked or unauthorized chemicals are used for the quick growth of crops and animals. When these chemicals like carbonates, fumigants, phosphorylates, etc. are used in huge quantities and they enter the digestive system several types of health issues start surfacing with time. Moreover, though these chemicals can stimulate the growth of the crops several genetic and molecular deformities occur that cannot be understood from outside. If you want to get rid of all these hazards, buy organic food in India from authentic sources to stay fir and fine.

organic food in India

Organic farming supports the natural growth of crops

In organic farming, bio fertilizers are used. Moreover, instead of harmful pesticides, various natural processes are followed to stop the invasions of pests. Organic poultry, meat, or dairy products come from animals that are grown naturally. No growth hormones or antibiotics are applied to them. At the same time, you should keep in mind that in organic farming genetic modification of crops and livestock are completely avoided. Every country has specific rules and regulations through which these production processes need to pass to be tagged as organic. Daily usable organic products like organic Ancient Wisdom products such as multigrain flour, cowpeas, quinoa, or other essential staples are cultivated, processed, and packaged organically. That means, starting from farming till it ends up at your kitchen, minimum or zero chemicals are used. It supports natural growth and the preservation of all-natural ingredients.

The normal rule is that to get an “organic” label, a packet of food item must contain at least 95% items grown or processed naturally. That means, when you buy organic food in India from an authentic source, you are actually adding more days to your lifespan.