All You Need to Know About Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes

Dark circles and puffy eyes are common with aging. However, with the changing lifestyle and work patterns, many youths experience such problems. The tissues around the eyes sometimes get weakened due to too much stress and undernourishment causing dark circles. Fats that are responsible for supporting the eyes shift downwards to lower eyelids and this causes a puffy appearance. It is rarely seen as a serious medical concern. If you can religiously follow some tips, you will deficiently get good results.

Tips to avoid dark circles and puffy eyes

There are simple ways you can practice at home to get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes:

  • Cut down on salt intakes and reduce fluid consumption before bedtime.
  • Consider using a cool compress
  • Quit smoking – it’s a silent killer
  • Sleep with your head raised
  • Get enough sleep
  • Use organic cosmetics to mask your skin before makeup
  • Use eye drops if you have irritations
  • Apply cucumber slices over closed eyes
  • Fill your diet with potassium
  • Splash cold water over eyes and face twice daily

Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes

Best Remedy Ingredients

Eye pack – Consider making a customized eye pack consisting of coconut, lemon juice, grated cucumber, china clay, and fresh cream. If you are unable to get these ingredients in the market, simply order organic night glow face cream consisting of sandalwood, babchi, and saffron.

Tomato Eye toner – Tomatoes are an excellent exfoliating agent. It can be a great inclusion if paired with other beauty regimes. If you want to go the organic way, consider buying a water face toner for all types of skin.

Chamomile tea – This is a classic remedy for puffed eyes and dark circles. Chamomile tea is known for its anti-inflammatory qualities along with antimicrobial properties. You can also apply tea tree oil face wash before the application of chamomile tea.

Healthy dietary habits

Watermelon – watermelons are filled with antioxidants and contain beta carotene which supports eye health. The majority of watermelon is made of water and this helps to hydrate the body.

Celery – Celery is a rich source of electrolyte minerals potassium and sodium. The fluid regulators in celery help in the reduction of eye puffiness. The sodium content in the celery is quite different from natural table salt and this promotes other nutrients.

Having beautiful eyes is God’s gift. It is common to our lifestyle when we experience stress and facial allurement often evaporates. In the wake of this lifestyle, it is wise to use cosmetics products that are made from organic ingredients. Organic products are natural and free from harmful chemicals. If you don’t have time to make homemade packs, shift top organics immediately. Start applying now and experience the difference.